Three Reasons to Choose Natural Soap

Not all soap is created equal. And the differences are important, because we need to take care of our skin! Our skin is the biggest organ of the body, exposed to the environment. The water content of your skin is key for its health. Your skin needs humectants to hold the water inside, and a light film of natural oil on the surface to prevent water loss.

So you want to take care of your skin, but what types of soaps are available?

Shower Gels / Body Washes: 


Usually based on highly oil-stripping surfactant called SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate). This is a chemical surfactant used in all sorts of cosmetics and cleaning products. It can be derived from petroleum, palm oil or coconut oil. Even when derived from plant oils, it is then highly refined and mixed with other chemicals. The result is a very cheap and overly cleansing soap-substitute. This contributes to the need to use a moisturising skin cream - to compensate for the dry skin caused by shower gels. Shower gels also often contain microplastics and other petroleum-based ingredients, such as artificial fragrance, which are not biodegradable. Liquid products must also contain preservatives.


Industrial Soap: 


When soap is made by using oils and lye, this creates two things - soap and glycerine. This is natural soap. However, the cheap soaps that we see in shops have had the glycerine extracted, and are mostly just pure soap. Pure soap is very cleansing - but too cleansing! It strips too many oils away from your skin, and will dry it out and make it sensitive. This also contributes to the need to use a moisturising cream - to compensate for the dry skin caused by industrial soaps.


Natural Soap: 


This is balanced soap, how soap should be. It has the cleaning properties of soap, but also contains glycerine, and also caring oils which were not converted to soap. Natural soap is therefore cleansing but also holds water in the skin, and replaces the oil layer that was dirty and cleaned away. 


So why should you choose natural soap? It’s easy!


1. Clean and simple ingredients


No harsh chemicals, no plastics, no preservatives, no petroleum-based ingredients. Just nature. We need to be careful what we put in contact with our bodies. Natural soap is how a product should be - natural, uncomplicated, unrefined.


2. Contains glycerine and oils

Natural glycerine and nourishing oils work together to hold water in the skin. Your need to use a moisturising cream should be vastly reduced, or even cut out completely!


3. Environmentally Friendly


Biodegradable ingredients which do not have an impact on nature


Why not try out a bar of natural soap, for example our Nettle Natural Soap, and let us know what you think! We are convinced that going back to basics and getting away from refined industrialised products is the logical and healthy move.






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