How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom in 10 Easy Steps

Every room needs a deep clean sometimes, and that applies especially to your bathroom. Your bathroom should have a basic level of cleanliness from small daily or weekly cleaning efforts. However, despite regular cleaning, there will be some areas where build-up will occur. With every corner looking as good as new, your bathroom will shine and feel much more luxurious.

1 - Clean and Remove Objects

You will firstly need to make some space so move anything that is sitting on the floor and surfaces out of the bathroom, or collect them in the bathtub or shower while you are working. Clean each object as you place it in its temporary spot. Be sure to deep-clean where you keep your toothbrush - there is usually a lot of toothpaste build-up here. Wipe down the head of hand pumps - these often do not get enough hygiene attention.



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2 - Vacuum and Clean all Dry Surfaces

Now that all surfaces are free this should be really quick. Vacuum the floor and surfaces to remove hair and as much dust as possible. Wipe down surfaces using a damp cloth, or a little dish soap, and dry completely. Also dry-wipe the walls and ceiling to remove dust and cobwebs. Dust above the mirror, shelving, and lampshades.
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3 - Clean Drains

Drains often do not get enough attention. They can contribute to a distinctly unpleasant bathroom smell. Add one part baking soda to two parts vinegar to each drain. The mixture will remain acidic but will also fizz and release carbon dioxide, which will remove grime that doesn’t normally get washed away. Leave to sit for at least 30 minutes, then flush away by running some water.

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4 - Clean Shower Curtain

Shower curtains do not get washed enough. They can normally be easily washed in the washing machine - check the washing instructions for details. You will be amazed at how great a freshly-washed shower curtain looks and feels.
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5 - Clean Wet Surfaces - Grouting, Tiles, Sink, Shower Door and Bathtub

Clean shower, bath and sink surfaces by spraying with white vinegar and leaving it for 5-10 minutes. You can dilute the vinegar 1:1 with water for a less intense smell, leaving more time for it to work. The acid of the vinegar will dissolve the soap scum and minerals on your surfaces. Apply some baking soda to a wet sponge, preferably a plastic-free plant-based sponge or loofah, and scrub the surfaces gently. The baking soda will react with the vinegar to fizz and release carbon dioxide, which can further help to remove grime. The baking soda also has a light scrubbing effect. Be sure to not scratch surfaces, especially metal, by scrubbing too hard with the baking soda. 
Scrub grouting with a small brush, such as an old toothbrush or nail brush. Add dish soap if you need extra help removing grime. Remove any build-up in corners with a paste made of baking soda and a few drops of water or vinegar, and scrub the build-up away. 
Rinse surfaces with water and dry using a cotton cloth.

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6 - Descale Shower Head

The minerals in water can build up on your shower head over time, which can affect the water flow and how clean your shower head looks. If you can remove your shower head, soak it in vinegar for at least 30 minutes in a bowl or pot. If you cannot remove your shower head, this can be more tricky, but try to find a container or bowl that can be hung from above the shower head, and fill it with vinegar. If this is not at all possible, then spray the outside of the shower head with vinegar, leave it to sit for at least 10 minutes, and then scrub away the mineral build-up with a soft cloth.

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7 - Toilet

As part of an inviting beautiful bathroom, the toilet needs to sparkle. Pour a generous amount of vinegar into the toilet, and leave for around 30 minutes. If you think that you might need a little more cleaning power, after 30 minutes you can add some baking soda. The baking powder will fizz when mixed with the vinegar, and the carbon dioxide will help release more of the grime. Scrub the bowl with the toilet brush and flush. Clean all other surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas such as where the hinges connect to the seat, for a perfectly sparking toilet. 

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8 - Air Vent

If you have an air vent, it should be regularly cleaned out. Whether your air vent is mechanical or just an opening to allow air circulation, see if you can gain access to the inside. If you have a mechanical air vent, shut off the circuit breaker or ask a qualified person to help you. Clean out dust and grime, which should allow for better and cleaner air flow. You can even put any air vent coverings into the dishwasher for further cleaning.

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9 - Floor

As a last big step, it is time to clean the floor. If you want to deep clean the grout, spray grouting with vinegar and leave for 10 minutes. Scrub with a small brush to remove the grime. If you need more cleaning power, use a paste of baking soda mixed with a few drops of water or vinegar, and scrub using a small brush. Once you are finished scrubbing your grout, clean your floor as normal with a mop and either a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water or other floor-cleaning products. Start at the back of the room, furthest from the door, and work your way towards the door. Leave to dry. Once dried, you can repeat mopping the floor with only water if desired, but this may not be necessary.

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10 - Clean Cleaning Tools

You can clean your toilet brush by leaving it sitting in the toilet bowl for 30 minutes with the vinegar, while you are cleaning the toilet itself. The acid will work as an antibacterial and loosen build-up. If you have a shower door squeegee, have a look if the rubber part needs any special attention. If there is any build-up, spray with vinegar and wipe down with a cloth. Wash all cleaning cloths in the washing machine at least 60°C. If your mop head is detachable and machine-washable, wash this in the washing machine too.

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It is preferable to use natural products over harsh surfactants in cleaning products. Vinegar works as well as special-purpose cleaning products. Many consumers prefer to buy a product directly marketed as a solution to their problem. A relatively unrefined and natural product such as vinegar will take much less resources to produce, and if packaged in glass, can be plastic-free.
Some customers prefer store-bought cleaning products because of their pleasant smell. While synthetic fragrances have been approved for use in these products, each consumer should make a personal informed decision about how many synthetic chemicals they allow into their home.
Natural sponges, cotton cloths and natural loofah are also preferred over plastic sponges. Plastic sponges leave microplastics on surfaces, which distribute around your home and also get washed down the drain. Currently only a few trial projects at water filtration plants can filter out some microplastics. In the vast majority of water filtration plants microplastics are released back into a natural body of water, such as a river or lake, which then cause harm to wildlife and enter the food chain. 

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