5 Stylish Houseplants for your Bathroom

Plants bring life into our homes, and will transform any bathroom into an oasis of wellness. While it is common to have plants in our living rooms and even our bedrooms, many people shy away from having a plant in their bathroom. The conditions are different in a bathroom - high humidity, low light and big temperature changes. However with the right plant you will be able to add even more style to your personal space. 

What is your bathroom like?

High Humidity
Normal air humidity in your home should be around 30-50%. This can rise to 100% in your bathroom when showering, but should return to normal levels once you air out your bathroom. Returning humidity levels back to normal as soon as possible helps avoid any issues with mould. While your bathroom is humid, your bathroom plants, especially tropical plants, will feel right at home and thrive. Plants that are drought resistant, which will absorb moisture from the air and require very little watering, or that like moist soil, so there is less risk of overwatering, are best suited to bathrooms. 
Top Tip - If the soil starts to become too moist and develops a layer of mould on the surface, you can remove the mould with a stick or fork and then make sure that the soil dries out thoroughly. Either remove the plant from the bathroom for a few days, or be sure to regularly stir up the top layer of soil so that the air in the soil can circulate. Plants in your bathroom will require much less watering than plants elsewhere in your home, as the soil will absorb much of the humidity in the air. 
The bathroom is often warmer than in other rooms in your house. It is often heated for comfort, and it gets very warm while taking a bath or shower. In general plants don’t mind high temperatures, but some plants can suffer unter quick temperature changes. It is important to find a plant that doesn’t mind the fresh air when airing out your bathroom, and enjoys the tropical hot air when you shower.
This is the most important factor when choosing a plant for your bathroom. If you do not have a window in your bathroom, a plant will only survive a certain amount of time before needing sunlight as an energy source. One option is to rotate your plants regularly between your bathroom and somewhere else in your home, so that they regularly get light from elsewhere. If you only have a small window, you should try to place your plant as close to the light source as possible. Ideally your bathroom has a large window with a lot of natural light.

The Plants

English Ivy - Hedera helix
English Ivy enjoys moist and shady locations, making it ideal for a bathroom. It is a very robust plant, so it will do well in a variety of environments. Its vines like to hang - you can place it high on a shelf and trim at your desired length.

Badezimmer Pflanzen Gemeiner Efeu

ZZ Plant - Zamioculcas zamiifolia
Another robust plant is the Zamioculcas. It enjoys low light and is very drought tolerant as its rhizome roots are able to store water for when it is needed. It only needs to be watered when the soil is dry, and does not tolerate moist soil. In a bathroom, it will most likely require infrequent to almost no watering, as the rhizome roots should be able to absorb moisture from the air and soil.

Badezimmer Pflanzen Glücksfeder

Snake Plant - Dracaena trifasciata
The snake plant is very drought tolerant, which makes it easy to just water it from the air humidity in your bathroom. Its leaves love high temperature and humidity, and grow very straight and compact. It does however need at least a medium amount of light, so it is more suited to a small but bright bathroom.

Badezimmer Pflanzen Bogenhanf

Swiss Cheese Plant - Monstera deliciosa
This plant grows elegant big leaves which need some space in the bathroom. If you have an empty corner, this plant will make a great eye-catcher. It likes its soil slightly moist, so it can be watered once in a while. It needs low to medium light, and its leaves love high humidity.

Badezimmer Pflanzen Köstliches Fensterblatt

Chinese Money Plant - Pilea Peperomioides 
This stylish plant is well suited to a bathroom. It does not like moist soil, so it will not need to be watered very often. Its leaves enjoy humidity and will even enjoy an extra misting. It can be sensitive to changes in temperature, but it will tolerate airing out the bathroom. It does need medium to high light, so be sure to place it as near to the window as possible, especially in the winter.

Badezimmer Pflanzen Chinesischer Geldbaum





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