About Me

Hi, I'm Laura!

I started Clean Up Atelier out of a passion for clean products based on regional and sustainable ingredients. I also focus on sustainable packaging - it's not only important that the products are sustainable, but the packaging plays a big role too! 

With natural soaps, you can have a luxurious experience while being in harmony with nature. You can actively resist products that are unnecessarily refined, potentially unhealthy, and unethical. Instead, you can awaken your senses and nourish your skin and hair with the goodness that nature has to offer.






I set out to make my soaps as regional as possible. Cedar and juniper wood scents awaken the senses, connecting us to our woody surroundings here in Northern Europe. Nettle grows all around us, yet the calming properties of nettle powder is often underappreciated. 

I just had to include shea butter in my collection. Even though it is not regional to Northern Europe, it is especially moisturising for skin. Shea butter comes from the shea tree in Ghana, which is picked exclusively by women, and supports the local economy. 


Plastic and the Environment

I am worried about how our future looks, when our environment will be full of microplastics. Plastic does not biodegrade - it breaks down slowly over hundreds or thousands of years into microplastics. These microplastics accumulate in the environment, and make their way up the food chain to humans. They do not behave like a natural particle, and harm wildlife and ecological cycles in the process.

I believe that plastic has its place if a product needs to last centuries, such as in building materials. By this logic, it is illogical to wrap all of our products in plastic, which is only used for the lifetime of the product, perhaps a few months, and then thrown away. It cannot be justified to produce waste that will take centuries to break down into problematic microplastics for a product which is used for only a few months at most. If there is no good alternative to plastic, we cannot wait for an alterative to be developed before switching. We need to urgently stop producing plastic waste. We need to live more in harmony with nature.

There are also other sources of microplastics, such as clothing and tire-wear, which I try to reduce or cut out in my personal life, by only buying clothes made of natural materials, and using public transport as much as possible. 




I welcome feedback, ideas, encouragement, and discussion! Let me know what you think of my products - reviews really help me out a lot! Feedback helps me know that my customers are happy and and where your expectations are. Instagram is a great place to exchange ideas about the environment and to encourage one another.


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