Larch Soap Dish

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This soap dish is made of european Larch and oiled with linseed oil. Larch wood is valued for its tough, water-resistant and durable qualities. As no highly refined oils and stains have been used, this soap dish is particularly sustainable.
Over time after a lot of contact with soap and water, the soap dish will first become a little darker, then lighter, until it finally takes on a light gray color.
The ridged surface allows the soap to dry completely between uses.
Handmade in Germany in a workshop founded in 1900 and in its fourth generation of family ownership.
Wood: European Larch
Size: 13 x 8 x 1,2 cm
As this is a natural product, grain and wood colours will vary.
Water Resistant: Linseed oil helps the wood to be more water resistant, however the wood itself can get wet if covered in water. It does not present an issue if the wood becomes wet, but it should not sit for long periods of time in water, just like any natural product. 
Colour Change with Time: Like any wood which is open to the environment, over time the colour will change. Soap will first have a darkening effect on the wood, as it reacts to the tannins. The tannins however will be washed out of the wood over time, leading to an overall lighter colour. The tannins which are washed away can create some brown runoff-water. This is completely natural, and is temporary. This process in fact helps to preserve the wood. In Scandinavian countries it is even a tradition to conserve wooden floors and furniture with soap. UV light also reacts with the tannins in the wood. Over time the soap dish will take on a light grey patina.


Care Instructions

With the correct care the larch soap dish can last a long time. It is recommended to regularly wash the soap dish with some warm water, scrub off any soap residue, dry with a towel, and leave in a well ventilated area to completely dry out. Once dried, you can re-oil the wood with linseed, tung, refined hemp, soy, or walnut oil. These are all natural oils that on their own can be used to seal and protect wood. They are called drying oils. Drying oils penetrate, harden and preserve wood – providing a long-lasting finish that does not turn rancid. Vegetable oils and olive oil should be avoided as they can turn rancid, and mineral oil should be avoided as it is made of petroleum.


Please do not leave the soap dish over a long period of time in wet conditions. 

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