The Surprising Skin Benefits of Nettle Leaf Powder

We all try to avoid stinging nettles. On country paths, in the garden, and if you accidentally kick a football into them? Oh, that’s going to hurt to get it out!
The sting is caused by fine hollow hairs on the stems and leaves that are filled with formic acid, the same chemical in ant saliva that causes pain to humans when bitten. This acid can redden the skin and cause a non-spreading rash that can last up to 24 hours.

The Benefits

Luckily, when the nettle is dried and even crushed into a powder, the hairs and formic acid have no stinging effect anymore, which allows access to the full potential of the nettle plant. 
Nettles are rich in the following:
  • Antioxidants: these help reduce free radicals. Free radicals damage cells and cause ageing. (1)
  • Vitamin C: promotes collagen production in the skin, which keeps skin supple and flexible. (1) 


  • Vitamin A: is linked to eye health (1) 


  • Anti-Inflammatory compounds: a range of effects on the body (2) (3), and calms skin and the scalp (4)


No wonder that nettles have been a part of herbal medicine since ancient times!


Fresh Nettles

If you want to use the nettles without drying them, you can put them in boiling water for a short amount of time before cooling them off in cold water, or just add the nettles directly to cooking recipes.


Many Uses

Nettles can be used in a variety of ways:


  • Prepared in food such as soups, stews, rice, and smoothies
  • As a tea, or infused in vinegar or oil
  • Nettle fibres were once considered to be high quality and comparable to flax or hemp, and are much stronger than cotton. Nettle fibres were once often used for rope and string.
  • Added to natural soap and skincare


Nettle Natural Soap by Clean Up Atelier

Our Nettle Natural Soap is therefore great for sensitive skin - it will nurture and calm skin and scalp. The shea butter and other plant oils help to strengthen the skin barrier and prevent moisture-loss. Shea butter is also a great moisturiser for hair, and helps to revive dry hair. This soap is a great all-rounder for skin and hair!





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