11 Ways to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom at Home

Spa days are the best place to pamper yourself, to shut yourself off from the hectic outside world, and to find a sense of calm. Instead of booking an expensive spa day, why not transform your bathroom at home into an oasis of relaxation and self-care? Here are some tips to transform your personal space to give you that spa experience every day. 

Plush Towels

Fluffy luxurious towels are key to creating that comfortable feeling of self-care in your bathroom. It helps if your towels are all part of the same set. Avoid patterns - patterns distract from a clean and minimalist design. White is the most clean and calming colour. Cotton or bamboo terry cloth towels are the most plump and soft on your skin, as well as being the most sustainable and biodegradable. Avoid any synthetic materials. You can display extra towels rolled up or stacked with crisp fold lines.


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Maximise your comfort after you have bathed or showered by wrapping yourself up in a cosy white bathrobe. It's now time to put on moisturiser, style your hair, and enjoy being pampered.

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Being connected to the natural world is what keeps us grounded. Our modern lives are often so far removed from nature. Add a little life into your bathroom to enhance your spa experience. There are many plants that thrive in low light and high humidity.

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Lighting can completely alter the mood of a room. For a calming experience try indirect lighting, for example from behind your mirror, inside shelves, or at foot or ceiling level. LED strips are generally easy to install.

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The soft flickering glow of a candle helps to put us in a calm mood. Line up some tealights at the edge of the bath or on a side-table, and allow yourself to be transported by the warm light. Our rapeseed wax tealights are ideal for this! Be careful of scented candles with synthetic fragrances.
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Shower Curtain

If your shower curtain just needs a clean, you can usually put shower curtains in the washing machine. A clean curtain without any stains will go a long way to freshen up your bathroom. Upgrade your shower curtain to a neutral colour, ideally white. A minimalistic pattern could be fine, but be wary of hectic designs. White with some texture would be ideal, and be sure that the overall feel is elegant and tailored. 




For the most relaxing experience, your bathroom should be as minimalist as possible. Only leave a few products tactfully on display - all other products and accessories should be hidden away when not in use. Leave empty space on shelves, countertops and on the ground - empty space will feel calming and make your bathroom appear larger. In a decluttered space, your decorative pieces will stand out, and you can appreciate them more.

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Fancy Shower Head

Whether it is a rain shower head, one with a massage function, or a vintage style shower head, choose the one to suit your aesthetic. Think about how you could create the most enjoyable experience under your shower for yourself.



Add Comfort Underfoot

Your bathmat welcomes your first steps out of the warm cocoon that was your bath or shower. It protects your freshly-cleaned feet from the shock of cold tiles, and prevents you from slipping on a wet surface. It is in itself a sensory experience. Treat yourself to a comfortable bath mat to bring the self-care all the way down to your toes. Be sure to get a good-sized bathmat this is not too small - a larger bathmat will give a luxurious feel to your bathroom.




Relaxing smells are a great way to improve your mood and enhance your relaxation. Be cautious of synthetic fragrances from diffusers or candles. Natural ways to bring beautiful smells into your bathroom are by using essential oils, in a diffuser or by adding a few drops to your bath or shower, or by hanging herbs or eucalyptus in your shower. Lavender is one of the most popular calming essential oils. Natural soaps have amazing-smelling natural oils, such as our Shea Butter Natural Soap, Juniperwood Natural Soap and Cedar and Activated Charcoal Natural Soap.


Clean Regularly

Unfortunately we don’t all live in a hotel or day-spa where we don’t have to clean. Cleaning your bathroom regularly avoids any build-up in the grouting, and limescale on the faucets. A minimalist bathroom without clutter will be very easy to clean. Wipe down shower walls after every shower to avoid products and minerals in the water building up and making the glass and tiles cloudy. There are now beautiful squeegees that do not look out of place in a high-end bathroom. Wipe faucets regularly, as well as the inside of the bathtub. Small regular cleaning, combined with a deeper weekly cleaning, will keep your bathroom looking fantastic.

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Further Ideas

Here are some DIY ideas that will give your bathroom that extra clean look. If you are renting, be sure to ask your landlord for permission before making any changes to your bathroom:
  • Re-caulk the shower and tub.
  • Touch up, or simply deep-clean, grout.
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls - white or natural tones allow decorative pieces in the bathroom stand out and create an overall sense of calm.
  • Install new handles to cabinets and drawers.
  • Replace your faucet with a style that suits the aesthetic of your bathroom.


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